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Vintage cameos

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Vintage cameos: the jewel again trendy

Les Camées, these pretty jewelry so delicate that our ancestors cherished, come back in fashion! Not only, jewelry houses produce new models, but vintage cameos are trendy and are exchanged on the jewelry market second-hand. Our selection of vintage cameos is there to satisfy your desires and please around you!

THE cameo : a very old jewel that again in fashion

THE cameo finds its origin in the Greek and Roman civilizations where they very often served to have on themselves a kind of pious image honoring a god, religious figures, or heroes and leaders. He quickly became ornamental and many women wore him by coquetry.

It must be said that this bas-relief engraving technique on a rather fine stone gave particularly successful jewelry, very finesse and easy to wear in pendants for the most part. But, at that time the cameo Could also be affixed to various objects such as dishes, furniture, vases or military objects.

Over the centuries, the cameo lost its popularity to almost disappear in the Middle Ages where it was no longer used. It will be necessary to wait for the Renaissance, to see it reborn from its ashes as a female jewel. In the 19th century, it was the queen Victoria which will make it an essential object of the female adornment. He will keep for long decades a special aura, but will gradually be abandoned in the second half of the 20ᵉ century.

In recent years, we have been witnessing a return in vogue of the cameo, largely reinterpreted contemporaryly by jewelry houses. This has brought up to date from vintage cameos which are more and more sought after on the jewelry market second-hand or Vintage jewelry.

A huge choice of vintage cameos

For those who are looking for a cameo Vintage of quality, our platform allows you to make a choice between many models that are presented to you.

Most of you will find them in pendants or in pins, but also in vintage rings, necklaces and also in earrings. In any case, these are quality vintage cameos, carefully preserved and of great beauty.

These cameos are made with very fine stone, moonstone, on shell, but also on coral. For this last material, it is mainly the vintage earrings that are affected.

Most of these cameos are of ancient inspiration and can represent portraits of various women, but also Mariannes, the Princess Athena, the goddess Flora, religious scenes or of different kinds. They are associated with different precious stones (onyx, sapphires, opals, etc.), diamonds, but also with gold and pearls. Their seniority is variable, but many are from the 19th century and the first half of the 20ᵉ century.

Finally, as for all our jewelry second-hand And our vintage jewelry, our vintage cameos have had the attention of our professionals to present you for sale only perfect parts at the cost of a careful selection.


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