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Bulgari B.Zero1 rings for women

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Ring Bulgari B Zero1 second-hand : an iconic and sought-after model

The jewelry house Bulgari enjoys international success and in all age groups of the population. His emblematic ring, the Bulgari B.Zero1 has a lot to do with it as it is so appreciated. This model, which symbolizes the Colosseum in Rome, the headquarters of the house, quickly became an icon of the brand and a highly sought-after jewel on the jewelry market.second-hand. Fortunately, you can find many models of Ring Bulgari B Zero1 second-hand on our platform and make a gift easily or simply treat yourself by choosing the one you like the most.

Ring Bulgari B Zero second-hand : the model that symbolizes Rome

The famous Roman jewelry brand Bulgari has always been keen to mark its difference with lines that are sometimes daring, but always in keeping with the times. To give itself a strong heritage, historical and geographical anchor, the brand had the idea of taking inspiration from one of the most famous monuments of the eternal city.

She chose the Colosseum for its aura, but also for its immediately recognizable shape.

This is how the famous ring was born Bulgari B.Zero1, a ring that features a narrower central ring and two wider outer rings. Placed on the edge, it immediately brings to mind the Colosseum in Rome and represents a true symbol for the brand, as it has enjoyed considerable success.

Today this ring is known worldwide and its multiple variations always retaining the same main shape, making it almost a collector's item for many fans of the Italian brand.

In addition, the collection still offers models of this ring in a rather accessible price range: this allows many people to set foot in the universe Bulgari and start appreciating these jewels second-hand exceptional.

Ring Bulgari B Zero1 second-hand : a wide variety of models to offer

The ring Bulgari B.Zero1 second-hand is therefore very sought after today on the jewelry market second-hand. Thanks to our platform, you can constantly find them and choose from several models in this collection.

In all honor and considering its immense success, the now classic version of the ring Bulgari B.Zero1 second-hand is found quite easily. Thus, it will be possible to obtain models in white gold which have made the reputation of this ring Bulgari second-hand. Of course, yellow gold variants are also available, as well as rings where different colors of gold overlap.

We will also find slightly rarer models, topped with diamonds of various sizes. Generally, these rings are smaller and only have one central ring and not three.

A rather exceptional model of the Bulgari B Zero1 is made with a size equivalent to the classic version, but with the entire interior rim set with beautiful diamonds. Needless to say, this is quite a sought after ring and not often available.

Finally, in recent years, Bulgari has published models from this collection including colored ceramic (blue or pearly white) or steel for quite modern and rather successful effects. These rings are also very successful and can be worn very easily on all occasions and with modern and colorful outfits.

Finally, as with all our jewelry second-hand of all brands, rings Bulgari B Zero1 second-hand which are offered to you, are all identified and assessed by our teams of professionals.


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