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Bulgari jewelry for women

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Jewel Bulgari second-hand : Italian luxury at hand

Oldest brand of Italian jewelry, Bulgari Conjugates both the strength of the tradition of an old house and also a very modern inspiration completely in line with its time. This explains the success of this brand for a few decades and its very strong presence on the market jewel second-hand. True icon of international fashion, the brand Bulgari is today synonymous with luxury in all regions of the world. Give a jewelry Bulgari second-hand is then not only an aesthetic choice, but also a particular sign of belonging to a circle of initiates.

Bulgari : the Italian jewelry par excellence

Even if it was founded in Greece in 1887, the jewelry house Bulgari vehicles an Italian image worldwide. Its development has accelerated since its Roman shops and workshops and its identity is clearly imbued with the eternal city and its monuments.

Jewelry Bulgari evoke a real Italian art of living and a form of dolce vita perfectly in line with Italian fashion. Since the 1950s, the Roman brand has experienced a formidable boom and we find it today in all the biggest capitals in the world. In addition, its development has never been elitist and the brand has always been able to touch all the strata of the population and in particular young people.

Today many jewelry Bulgari second-hand are available on the market and they are very popular. They have the advantage of being varied strong styles and of having timeless designs that make them easily cross generations.

Make a jewelry Bulgari second-hand Among our selection

Jewelry Bulgari second-hand offer a very large choice. Whether it's a bracelet Bulgari second-hand, a necklace Bulgari second-hand or a earring Bulgari second-hand, they always manage to embody a form of Italian elegance and refined luxury.

It is then quite easy to find his happiness or the happiness of a loved one by offering a jewelry second-hand Bulgari.

Among all the models presented here are the rings Bulgari second-hand which are the most numerous. And we can easily be seduced by models like those in the B.Zero 1 collection or even ring models like the Parentesi or the famous Serpenti With diamonds and sapphires.

On the side of bracelets Bulgari second-hand, the collection Parentesi is in the spotlight with models of splendid yellow gold and finely decorated with pretty patterns. If your choice is more towards a necklace Bulgari second-hand, you will then find very beautiful necklaces, gold chains with associations of colored stones, often in cabochon, yellow gold and white gold, and of course the variations of iconic models such as the B.Zero1.

The choice will also be quite wide regarding the earrings Bulgari second-hand always full of elegance. Very beautiful cufflinks Bulgari second-hand Are also available: with the gold and coral association, they are most beautiful while remaining very discreet.

In any case, for all these jewels second-hand Bulgari, it was our team of professionals who took care to authenticate and select each of the products put for sale to guarantee you a purchase of confidence.

You want to sell a jewelryBulgari that you no longer put? Did you know ? You can sell your jewelry on 58 Facettes. We offer a free, fast and fluid jewelry-sales service. We offer a service for the resale of your jewelry, or to have a jewel Bulgari.

Our experts authenticate your jewelry, then we take care of the photo taking, the description of the jewelry and its online on our site, the highlighting on our social networks and our showroom. Everything is done to sell your jewelry quickly at the best price.

For more information, please consult the details on: Sell ​​a jewelry .

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