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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35
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Watches Chopard Women

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Watch Chopard second-hand, a know-how of yesteryear

Are you fascinated by luxury watches? Don't hesitate to stroll through our online store to find the luxury watch that speaks to you. All the major watchmaking houses are presented there. Depending on the arrivals, we present you with analyzed and authenticated pieces. The watch Chopard second-hand is also one of our best sellers. It is perfect if you want to combine beauty, jewelry and space-time. With an ultra-precise mechanism even second hand, it remains perfect.

Luxury jewelry second-hand

Our online sales site brings together all the most beautiful jewelry left behind by their owner. Some jewelry has been worn and others never. All our jewelry second-hand are analyzed, scrutinized and then authenticated and certified by our experts. No wonder is placed in the store before being authenticated. We offer you jewelry second-hand for all styles. Ranging from rings to necklaces, watches and earrings. No style defines our store, we simply select the most beautiful gems so that everyone can find what they are looking for. You will find as many luxury jewels adorned with diamonds or precious stones as you will find classic vintage jewelry.

Watches second-hand prestigious houses

If you are looking for a luxury watch, you have come to the right place. Our online store is full of watches second-hand each one more beautiful than the other. Thanks to our filter, you can refine your search and find the watch from the watchmaker of your choice. The store is stocked according to arrivals. It is sometimes necessary to be patient before finding that rare gem.

The greatest watchmakers are represented there. Find the house in our filters Chanel, the House Chaumet, the House Piaget or even Rolex and Chopard. The greatest watchmaking artisans combine jewelry and mechanism, our watches are true works of art.

The watch Chopard second-hand, an exceptional jewel

Among our many watches, find the watch Chopard second-hand. From the great house where the know-how has been unique for years. Whether for men or women, the house Chopard offers unique and beautiful collections. For decades, this house has combined goldsmiths and watchmakers to create truly marvelous jewelry. Timeless and branded, discover all the beauty of its watches, whether for ladies or gentlemen.

A watch Chopard second-hand for women

The Swiss watchmaking company began by creating watches for men before even thinking about creating watches for women. Over time, goldsmiths were able to enter the world Chopard and then create real watch jewelry. Since then, collections have followed. Wonderful jewelry that combines time with diamonds and precious stones adorn the wrists of women in love. The House Chopard creates watches for all styles. Some collections are more classic or sportier while others are refined and feminine like real gems.

A watch Chopard second-hand for men

The House Chopard created its first watch in 1860. Precision watchmaking with a mechanism designed for flat pocket watches. Over the years, the mechanism and the visual change. The watch is no longer in your pocket, but is proudly displayed on your wrist. The styles are available through very different collections. Dial, bracelet, hands set the tone of the different trends to adapt to fashion and the desires of the moment. The eras pass by on the wrists. The watch Chopard however remains timeless and classic although recognizable among all the others.

Jewels over time

Our online store is updated according to arrivals. Prices are calculated by our experts based on the pieces presented. The watches Chopard second-hand come and go like a gentle wave created by beauty enthusiasts.

Depending on arrivals, you will be able to find several watches Chopard second-hand different. Sometimes there is only one for Madame, sometimes only for Monsieur.

Diamond-studded watches are waiting to adorn your wrist to tell you the time while shining. Browse our online store to find the rare gem you've been dreaming of!


You want to sell a watch Chopard that you no longer wear? Did you know ? You can sell your jewelry on 58 Facettes. We offer a free consignment service for your jewelry, fast and smooth. We offer you a service for the resale of your jewelry, or to have a watch appraised or appraised. Chopard.

Our experts authenticate your jewelry, then we take care of taking photos, describing the jewelry and putting it online on our site, highlighting it on our social networks and in our showroom. Everything is done to sell your jewelry quickly at the best price.

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