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Women's Art-Deco Rings

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Vintage Art-Deco ring: the choice of elegance

If you are looking for a stylish ring full of elegance, the vintage Art-Deco ring is certainly made for you. Produced between the two wars, it embodies a certain form of renewal and carefreeness, balancing between an old style and the beginnings of modernity. With its geometric shapes, its beautiful, often large stones or its solitaire diamonds, it often has obvious arguments to please. Often affordable and with a wide variety of styles, you will find vintage Art-Deco rings here that should please you and make you feel like you are in Paris in the Roaring Twenties when you wear the model of your choice.

What is Art-Deco?

The expression Art Deco is simply the abbreviation of “Decorative Arts”, a broad artistic movement that originated in the late 1910s after the First World War.

It was at its peak in the 1920s and began to decline in the mid-1930s. It mainly concerned architecture, but was very influential in all artistic and creative pursuits. The mention the reference Art Deco comes from the famous one that took place in Paris in 1925 and which established this artistic movement.

The main characteristics of this style are the use of symmetry, geometric patterns with a tendency for cubist geometrization in contrast to Art Nouveau inspired by the curved forms of nature.

In terms of jewelry, we find the same features with the use of colder colors and a return of diamonds as the predominant stone.

This period also corresponds to great creativity among jewelry houses which are experiencing a sort of golden age and are beginning their international development for the most important ones. There is therefore a profusion of new jewelry being created and this is particularly the case for rings where the Art-Deco style makes it possible to make fine and elegant models which will enjoy great success, well beyond this period.

Vintage Art-Deco rings galore

We therefore find a lot of vintage Art-Deco rings on the jewelry market. second-hand and it is a joy for fans of the genre. Indeed, when you choose to offer a beautiful vintage Art-Deco ring, the great advantage is to have a very wide choice.

You will find many models of vintage rings with a beautiful central precious stone (very often a diamond) and a circular or geometric rim set with a multitude of small diamonds. Some rings also have a sapphire, emerald or ruby insertion between the center and the periphery.

There are also vintage Art-Deco rings with simple, but pretty central pearls as ornaments. Those which rather highlight beautiful precious stones are most often very geometric and of a fairly large size. They will be suitable for special occasions and evening wear.

Overall, even if all these rings belong to the same artistic movement, there is however a great diversity of shapes, colors and styles which allows everyone to easily find a vintage ring which corresponds to his personal taste.

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