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Bangle bracelets for women

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Vintage bangle bracelets are jewelry that have been around for many years. This rigid bracelet crosses eras with or without meaning. It travels through history, sometimes being the bracelet of the Viking, that of the slave or even the amulet of Buddhism. Our vintage bangle bracelets are pretty marvels crafted from their metal, with or without precious stones. All authenticated by our experts, these rings flawlessly enhance your wrist.

A rigid bracelet to dress your wrist

The bangle bracelet is a rigid ring without a clasp. It slips onto your wrist and its curve creates an elegant piece of jewelry. Among our vintage bangle bracelets, find jewelry in gold, silver or in platinum. Depending on your desires and tastes, vintage bangles come with or without precious stones. Adorned with diamonds, of sapphire or ruby, vintage bangle bracelets reveal different styles.

A ring for every style

Like a tiara, the bangle enhances your wrist. In a sober style, vintage bangle bracelets highlight the metal. Yellow, white or pink gold, in silver or platinum, they adorn a wrist admirably. If you want more gems, choose it set with diamonds or emeralds. Vintage bangle bracelets also exist with metal work. Sculpted, struck or hollowed, the work of the jeweler adds value to your jewelry.

A jewel up to date

The bangle bracelet seems to be regaining a place of choice in jewelry stores. This vintage bracelet is back in fashion. Increasingly popular, the bangle bracelet is taking its place on the wrists of women of all ages. Find vintage bangle bracelets that are back in fashion in our wide range. They have gone through history and do not seem rebranded to abandon your jewelry boxes.

A jewel that spans history

Did you know that the bangle bracelet has been around for thousands of years? In the past, it adorned the wrists of Vikings like a trophy or a territorial mark. History shows us that this bracelet was mainly worn by men. Sometimes the ring was even used as currency. This bracelet was also used to mark slaves. It allowed them to be reminded of their rank and to know to whom they belonged. It is later seen as an amulet of protection among Hindus. Covered with gold leaf and filled with gold flakes, the bangle bracelet is worn in sets of 3 to protect the soul. When for some it is a jewel, a fashion accessory, for others it remains the symbol of submission.

An elegant jewel, a measured choice

Our selection of vintage bangles offers rigid rings of all sizes and thicknesses. If you prefer the finesse of a piece of jewelry, choose a rigid bracelet with a width of 1 cm. On the contrary, if you like a more massive bracelet, a thickness of 2 to 3 cm will suit you better.

Choosing the right bracelet diameter

Always check the diameter of the bracelet you have selected. The bracelet must have the right size for the passage of the hand. But it is also important that it is not too big to avoid losing it. To find out the size of the bracelet that fits your wrist, use a tape measure. Simply measure your hand at the widest part. Before you begin, tuck your thumb toward the palm of your hand.

  • A hand size of 19 cm requires a bangle bracelet with a diameter of 62 mm.
  • A hand circumference of 21 cm requires a jewel of 66 mm in diameter.

There are vintage bangle bracelets for thin or thick wrists.

Don't be surprised that when putting on your bracelet, you feel a little resistance when passing your hand. This resistance is necessary so that your bracelet does not slip without your knowledge.

Wear the bangle every time second-hand

Vintage bangle bracelets are easily worn alone on the wrist. Prefer to adorn your right arm to avoid putting it with your watch. Your bracelet then remains highlighted. They go easily with other bracelets or chains. Choose your style, bangle bracelets fit.

Choose from our many vintage bangle bracelets. They are waiting to adorn your arm and accompany you in all occasions. Chic, modern, shiny and flamboyant, the vintage bangle remains a timeless jewel.


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