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CUSTOMER SERVICE : +33 (0)1 84 60 50 35
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Cartier watches for women

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Treat yourself with a watch Cartier for women !

Wearing a brand watch is synonymous with quality and distinction, whether for a man or a woman. So when it comes to a watch Cartier, it truly is the pinnacle of class and elegance. At the house of 58 Facettes, we offer you a large catalog of watches Cartier for women. There is something for all tastes and for all occasions! Whether you are looking for a gift to give for a beautiful second-hand or you simply want to treat yourself, you've come to the right place! Quickly browse our selection to find your favorite piece of jewelry.

A wide choice of watches Cartier for women

Our watches Cartier for women come in many styles and models. The materials used, like the dial formats, vary depending on the inspirations of the jewelers and the brand's creators. Are you looking for the watch? Cartier which will elegantly adorn your wrist for many years to come? You are in the right place !

At the house of 58 Facettes, we offer you a vast catalog of watches Cartier for women. From leather bracelet to gold bracelet, includingsilver, THE silver-gilt, L'rose gold or even diamonds, there is something for everyone. Do you prefer Arabic numerals or Roman numerals? Square or rounded watches?

Let yourself be tempted by a watch Cartier woman with automatic movement, with stretchers set with diamonds and a dial silverguilloché. We also like the more discreet models, with a satin bracelet, an ivory dial and a rose gold folding clasp.

And why not a mechanical pocket watch in yellow gold? This is a good idea to stand out in the greatest elegance!

You can also let yourself be seduced by a watch Cartier woman in yellow gold and ivory dial, which easily matches with all types of outfits.

Lots of style with a watch Cartier for women

It was in 1853 that the house Cartier creates his first timepieces. There are pocket watches, brooches and pendant watches. A watch specially designed to be worn on the wrist was created in 1904. Cartier innovates by offering this revolutionary, very elegant model. Since then, the house has continued to revisit the shape of this original watch, offering it in new versions, in order to adapt to the trends and tastes of current customers.

The watches Cartier for women feature precise and pure lines and are distinguished by their very careful details and their perfectly balanced proportions. The creators of Cartier work particularly hard on their designs, to create new iconic designs each time. However, they are each time inspired by the emblematic motifs of the watchmaking company: Roman numerals, the railway or even the sapphire cabochon. The style Cartier is truly timeless, just like every watch Cartier women...

Watches Cartier for women second-hand in excellent condition

All our watches Cartier for women are luxury accessories that have already lived a first life with people who cared about them very much. Their first owners attached great sentimental value to it and took great care of it throughout their lives. When the watches were not taken out for special occasions, they remained well protected from dust and shock in their case.

When we receive new jewelry second-hand, they immediately pass into the hands of our experts, who clean them, check their condition, and authenticate them. This is why we can guarantee you jewelry second-hand in excellent condition.