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L'Upcycling, c'est quoi ? Explication sur M6 par 58 Facettes

What is Upcycling? Explanation on M6 by 58 Facettes

Upcycling: transform your jewelry!

The Vintage trend and upcycling are on everyone's lips this season and if it seems almost obvious for clothing, it has recently come to the fore for jewelry. A possibility that 58 Facettes presented during the 12:45 p.m. news on M6.

58 Facettes explains upcycling on M6 on May 27

An example of the transformation of a family gold chain into a bracelet and rings, recutting of a diamond... From a piece of jewelry that may come from a loved one, the creative jeweler can give it another "purpose », and respect raw materials or revalue them, and preserve the testimony of jewelry heritage with this little extra soul linked to the history of the jewel in question.

Alexandra of 58 Facettes explains it readily: upcycling, like buying vintage jewelry, allows you to combine respect for the planet, eco-responsibility, to have a piece of jewelry that has meaning and carries history, and to enjoy a Very good value for money.

See it again for a few more days M6 report (departure min 22'07)

How does the upcycling of a piece of jewelry work? 58 Facettes ?

58 Facettes offers jewelry that has been transformed, to bring it up to date, to maintain artisan work but with a stone that may have been changed or recut... But the heart of upcycling is in the transformation of a piece of jewelry that you want to wear differently or re-appropriate: a family jewel that is no longer up to date, a piece that you are tired of... transform them!

All you have to do is send us a photo of your jewelry and your budget. If you have a desire, an idea of what you want, share it with us and one of our partner creators will contact you. If you don't yet have a possible project, it doesn't matter, he will be able to imagine with you the transformation of a piece of jewelry that will become 100% yours.

Waiting for, discover upcycled jewelry on 58 Facettes Or make an appointment for a transformation project !

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