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En 2024, cette tendance bijou se retrouvera partout.

In 2024, this jewelry trend will be found everywhere.

Pearl earrings: timeless elegance to enhance your style. Find out how these refined jewels are back in fashion and more popular than ever.

A major event is relaunching the fashion trends launched by Lady Di: the highly anticipated release of the 6th season of the series The Crown, in which Elizabeth Debicki perfectly embodies the princess. Diana Spencer has left an indelible mark on people's minds, notably with her collection of exceptional jewelry which continues to inspire.

Pearl earrings for preppy royal elegance.

At each of her appearances, Lady Diana aroused enthusiasm. Her outfits were scrutinized and analyzed with attention. His jewelry, objects of fascination, were the fashion accessories that caught everyone's eyes, especially her iconic pearl earrings. Whether they are pear-shaped or decorated with diamonds, she regularly chose these traditional accessories which continue to captivate attention. Since the broadcast of the first episodes of the previous season, research on earrings in beads increased by +81%, as revealed by the Stylight Insight report dedicated to the Netflix series The Crown and its impact on online shopping. 

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